First hoodies are ready.

Skin art

Francois, another great tattoo.



Thanks Jimmy, COOL.


in California.

Yo Francois...célébrité!!

Old friends in Wild magazine. And on the road last summer.
Chopperkingz, choppers only....


Pack, night, city... No better rides... Great pic Jonathan, stolen from DTMC.


Jimmy finished the frame, still a lot of work. Finished before march, before Deathtraps visit in may.

End of season

Maybe for some guys in California it's news (looking at pics...;-)), but we overhere in Europe have only a part of the year to ride on our chops. Pics from the vineyards of Burgundy and near Pont d'Ouche at Ouche valley. (great route, thanks Christophe) The time is there to get your chop apart and start painting it. Some pics from yesterday, last ride of the season.