Friends Forever

I know these guys, i was on that that table with these guys and i know the food. And the booze... (Yo mister G, where is the akevitt?) Great times, to fucking long ago. Hope to see u soon somewhere.


Chopperkingz at the Trip Out, England! Thanks Yvon.


After long runs


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After we left Viby i already had some problems with starting the bike. We headed for Rødby to take the ferry to Puttgarden. From the boat the problems getting worse and in Hamburg i decided to find a shop. Eventually we ended in a shop through a big thunderstorm again. Luckely they had the parts, so after repair on wednesdaymorning we could start with a run to Luxemburg. After 700 clicks Ed gave us a warm welcome at High Chaparral. The Gammlers had moved there clubnight to Ed's place so we had good times again. Tomorrow the last 500 km to France.


Yesterdaymorning we left the Chopper Freaks mc. After (again) a great breakfast with Steve and Christopher we left with some sun. We knew it would be bad, and it was. The first 25 km where good, after that rain like hell the whole day. Eventually we chrashed in a hotel in Viby Denmark. And Steve, Helly Hansen was good for me, everything was wet, except my balls!


Saturday some of the "Freaks" took us on a trip to the old center of Fredrikstad. With a smal trip to the islands. After returning at the clubhouse some of them started cooking a great meal again. The evening was filled with booze, shots and laughs. On the bikes Buer'n, Rufus and Steve with his lovely wife Joy.


Yesterday we arrived "home" at the clubhouse in Fredrikstad. They made us a great meal and party. While we we're drinking Wolf sent us a message that he and John came home in Sonora. Business as usual. It's a strange world sometimes....