Stole this one from the Rogues Blog.
We were lucky that day.

Ruben Block

My friends Napoleon and Arie went to Lowlands last weekend. Bastards. ;-) They have the good habit to put clubstickers everywhere. This time under a pic of Ruben Block, frontman of te motherfucking great Belgian band Triggerfinger. I saw them at Freewheels. If you have the chance to go to Triggerfinger, DO IT. Ruben rules.

Pim en Kleis "working"

Sportster chop

And yet another beautifull chop in France.


Very nice chop, GOOD bar!

Easy going at the clubhouse.

Drinks, talks and foods. Portuguese bbq...


My friend Daan took my bike last week when he was here with his wife Monique and his daughter Fleur. He enjoyed the rides on my chop i think... See ya the 28th. Bigtwin-day.


MAG demo run

Theo send me this pics from a demo run long time ago. I think it was somewhere in 1993. The shovel on the last pic was "fuckin' fast" he said.


A little impression of Freewheels last weekend. A very nice ride to Courpière in the sun. A great happening, good bands, (only Twisted Sister was piss, a singer who looks like a French longhaired poodle and sounds like a yelling pussy...) good food, beautifull rods and even more beautifull chops. Triggerfinger rules!! 


The place to be this weekend in France. Leaving tomorrow afternoon.

The youngest member of the syndicate

Nelis wanted to have a higher and nicer bar on his bike. He is five... I had a seventies twisted chopperbar in my garage. The spirit is there!

Yo Tango... was your trip to Spain?