Hunting season

The hunting season opened last weekend. And instead of hunting animals you lose your tire... So start hunting reartires... Don't know if he found it already.

Ride and swim.

While we were on the road to Auxerre, Marco did a fuckin' 1700km weekend(!) roadtrip to see some friends and drink some beers. "Nice ride through the countryside" he said...., "did also some riverswimming." We both love riverswimming. And some mooning ofcourse, holidaypic, 6 weeks ago.


Yesterday a nice ride throug the Bourgogne to Auxerre. Very beautiful city along the river Yonne. Never been there since we live in France, too bad. The weather is stable sunny and warm, countdown to next weekend....


I'm trying for years now...

The road to nowhere

Last sunday, the road to nowhere. Probably the best road there is...


There are two sorts of water. Water you like and water you don't like. Sometimes they touch each other. Catched by a cold shower in summertime for more then an hour. Right after that taking your shit of and then in a 26 degrees swimmingpool, while it rains. Priceless!!


Because it is a chopperblog Marco sent me this movie from youtube. Great, the next chopperbuildergeneration. Thanks man, they've painted your name already on it... ;-)