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A couple of weeks ago we went to Lisbon Portugal by plane were i made this pics. In two weeks from now we're going on the chop. First to Chico and his wife in Lisbon (to drink and eat 'some' sardines with salt) and then together to Faro. It's a fucking countdown.

Don't forget...

... and otherwise you can go to Freewheels in France. As i do. Going to check out Motörhead!

Today was a good day

Today i had sun, a bluesconcert and a my girl on her chop...


Working and watching football in the clubhouse. Arie (standing), Rik and Kleis.


HDC Hoekse Waard on the road, notice the wooden shoes...

Cool shit

Nice chop in France last year.


Say cheese...

Good times

My friends had a good time in Sluis at HDA The Hogs place. It's near the Dutch coast so sometimes a tent is blowing away... You can find it up-side-down behind the fence, next to the beer... Is there a better place?


My bro Rik on his Frisco chop. Love this bike.

Cool stuff

Check this blog!

Twin café

Yesterday an US day in the neighbourhood.
Thanks Stephane.


"Inspired" by a column(!) in a Dutch bikermag i finally solved the electrical problems on my wife's chop...  Today we had our first trip together this year. She's happy. ;-)
My new Frisco chop rides like hell, four weeks to go to Faro.


My clubmates has demolished the clubhouse to make it bigger and better. Soon more pics on the clubsite.