Le Breton with his wife Marie on their beautiful pan, fully original!! Even the speedometer is original. ;-)

Food and booze

Marc showed up tonight with a big ham and froglegs(?) We had de 51 pastis so it turned out to be a good night. Vive la France!! As we speak Liek and Marc are preparing the legs with lot's of garlic. I know it's a chopperblog but who the fuck cares??

Annual ride

After the vacation we always do our annual ride through the Burgundy vineyards. Probably one of the last rides with this bike... Gonna sell it, build something else. Highneck, Jesse James style. Deadline Rogues choppershow... Bye bye love.


How do you capture
living, changing color
the shades of

sunset, across the dome,
the panorama, the full circle
catching sight of the horizon
between the buildings
around the compass dial

Shades of lavender, of plum,
of lilac, of heather

Floral shades as the blue
becomes darker, as the yellow
fades, loses strength
dies before the night.

Raymond A. Foss

Radial Hell

I want to hear this one...
Update: Brother and blogfollower Werner send me this link, check it out!!
Jesse J. Radial Hell


When you have some problems with a bike it's always nice to have a market in the neighbourhood for some drinks and foods. The deliveryman arrives: "Koffie, thee, limonaduh, gevulduh koekuh, viezuh boekies!!"


Booze, barbecue and nice fellows. Be there.


Home for a week but missing it already... Here some pics we made the last couple of weeks.


In Holland, get the mother fucker.

Also stolen from the SpeedSeeker blog....


...sweet home.

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The bikes are packed, the sun is rising. A good day to ride home, weatherforecast 32 degr.

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Don M. from B.

The Don want's to say 'hi Junior' to the one and only blogfollower in Sonora CA. The don and his lovely wife Marie are leaving today for Brittany. We will meet them in the winter again to check out his hotrod.

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Marco from Britanny France between the kilos of foye gras. I want to fuck the poor also!!

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On the road again

Left Lunas this morning for Dordogne. We followed the river Tarn and Lot. A most beautiful ride. Live is good. Oh, and i ranned out of gas again. Thank you guys for all the reactions!! Very nice to see!!!

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And again without the fucking gas. The carb is leaking!

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Le Chantier

If you are in Bedarieux, go to this place! Good food, drinks and music! Tomorrow we're off, north to the Dordogne campingsite.

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Yesterday we went to the southcoast to visit a friend.

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Give me more beautiful things then ridin' your chop through a nice landscape...

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COC Style

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Electric boogie

Today a nice ride to Beziers from Lunas. Back on the campingsite we met this crazy bastard Milco, the Ducatiman. Laughing my ass of. And former electric boogie champ of Holland. Well, third place, 1985. Eat your heart out Daan. Ha! On the pic Milco and Liek.

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Let's call it a day.....

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They found out the troubles at the sporty. Burned bougiecables.... can you fucking imagine. It runs good now, so now i'm out of gas. Fuck. Happy sundays are here again. I wish i had a literbottle J.......

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Fucking Fabeltjeskrant

Dag lieve kijkbuiskindertjes, vandaag hebben Robbie en Liekie hun grote avontuur voortgezet. Eerst snorde het sportstertje nog fijn in de rondte. Samen hebben ze lekker 10 km in het zonnetje gereden. Daarna was het gedaan met de pret lieve kindertjes. Toen was het 90 km Robbie voorop en Liekie erachter aan een spanbandje. Op naar Dual Mano om daar lekker een glaasje prik met koekjes te drinken. En zo hebben ze samen door de grote boze bergen weer een fijn avontuur achter de rug. Oogjes dicht en snaveltjes toe, slaap lekker.... Mother fucker.

Translation: http://translate.google.nl/m/translate?hl=n

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Road maintenance

Today a nice ride to lake St Croix, the blue lake. Did some time there and yes, there it is again. Saturdayafternoon, road maintenance. A biker told me to go to Manu 'the chopperbuilder'. He was already closed but lying in a childrens blowup swimmingpool he shouted that he had the stuff. So two bougies, a bobine, a nice talk and some pics later i left Manu and fixed the sporty. And yes Arie, we are already laughing about it. ;-)

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On the road

After a couple of days at the campingsite we decided to go on the road again. We left Crest this morning, took the Mont Ventoux (1912m) and arrived in Riez. We're in a hotel now (fancy shit), tomorrow we're going to do some touristic ridin' and swimming. Sunday west to Lunas.

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