Sad but true....

ZZ Chopper Tjebbe send me an e-mail with this pics of my old XS650. In a previous posting i posted a pic of my first chop. Tjebbe recognized the bike and the rest is history.


Dig this.


Now this is a sidecar.


Eleven years ago we drove to the superrally in Finland. One of the most beautifull trips i've made. Together with Willem, Jos and Bakker. Lost a camera, a wedding ring and a carburator, had more road maintenance, a couple of times running out of gas, crashed a bike into a ships fire-extinguisher, lots of kilometers, four times on the ferry drinking and partying. One of the best superrally's. Good times.


Theo's homemade bar is white(!), he did some little things and he bought a new saddle. Not covered with some beautifull soft leather but just aluminum. Unpolished. "My ass will polish it on the way to Greece" he said.... Now thats the spirit!

XS 650

Found this pic in my garage. My first bike, long time ago... Somewhere in the early ninetees. I did'nt knew it was a f*cking highneck! What did i knew anyway...?

Sunny day

Sometimes you cannot wait to see her in the sunshine. Ready by far but oh yeah.

Verstuurd vanaf iPhone

Work in progress VIII

Made a sissybar with numberplate and taillight today. Seventies cool.