Insane chopperpicture of Wolf and Nathaly, stolen from Beer. Thanks man.


ride in peace. So good to know you. My sincere condolences to his family and club brothers.

Chris Cornell RIP

The day i tried to live...


Enjoy, nothing is obvious.

New food for thought..., by Dave Nichols

Following a new generation of wolves thriving in a land of sheep.


Choppers are the new crossers.


Have a good one, enjoy Bouncer.

Chop, Ride & Party isn't just a way of life. It's now a hardcover book! Beer from the Rogues MC is the mastermind behind this masterpiece. If Choppers are your life, you need to get this. 
Gets yours at:

(Text is from Death Wheelers MC Cory, could not say it better. Thanks!)

Wrong side

Somebody is on the wrong side of the fence, and i know who...


Enjoy, still nothing is obvious.


...still laughing, minutes before his flat tyre. On te road to Paranoid MC, Trondheim. August '14.


Enjoy, still nothing is obvious.

Marco Chopperkingz

Marco has this knuckle beauty but some of our members think it can always be made more beautiful... So, work on the s(c)hop.....