FrEaKy RiCo

This very nice seventies rigid panchopper is Rico's. He's working for Wild Magazine in France and he's ridin' the thing. Check out his blog here. Took the pics at the Punta Bagna bikeshow. If you like the Rogues Choppershow in Holland you have to check this out. Only cool choppers, good music and a great atmosphere for three days. Next year, be there!


Two Dutch guys Sjaak and Guido riding their rigids from the northern part of Holland for a roadtrip through the south of France. Cool guys, cool bikes.


Near the Spanish border, sunny, good coffee, palmiers (French delicatesse) and a lovely ride.
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Fucking showers... 27 degr.

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A true word...

...but who cares?

Kick only

Yesterdaynight i tried to kickstart my bike. That was for that day and today the last time... Called my friend Michel in Holland and now he is sending me a new shaft. Guaranteed before noon tomorrow by UPS. Mercy beaucoup mon ami!

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They built their own bikes, their own clubhouse and now they even built their own village! In the middle of fuckin' nowhere... That's for sure....


Rain in front of us, sun in the back. Rain in the north, sun in the south. So that's were where ridin' to. South.

Some guys are proud to ride to the Ardennes in Belgium. Then they sell their bike to people who realy ride it... Met Peter and his girlfriend in France.

The Alps

Today we rode from Italy through the Alps to camping Le Moto. Check out their site. Great people.

Rain (again)

...and throw the thing in the back of your Chevy Caprice.


And in case of too much rain you start working on your bike...


We had plans to leave Punta Bagna today but it is a little wet... So we're leaving tomorrow. Here they say it wil be sunny tomorrow. For now we take one more drink. Cheers.


....that son of a bitch!!!

Punta Bagna

Good times

Good enough Michel?

Punta B

Looks great. Nice campingsite, for only 100 tents i think... Pic is only the parking... Now beer.


...for the road. Punta Bagna.


There's Erik and there's Eric. Erik is the one below, welding fully protected...
The other Eric has a completely beautiful restored Wagoneer. The only problem is that he likes to ride fast, so he solved that problem too. 506 HP V8. Next step, a parachute...


Rik arrived yesterday with his girlfriend for a cheesefondue, beer, bbq and more... So welding was one of the things he wanted to do. Fully prepared he took the torch and started welding. A t-shirt, no gloves and... bath-slippers. Can you imagine how a melting toenail smells...


Today i planned a route for our holidays. Starting in Valfrejus (Punta Bagna) and after that a nice roadtrip through France. The fun before a roadtrip... GREAT! Countdown...


With the upcoming holidays you have to create some racks to put your stuff on. This is on my wife's bike. First of all, it has to be strong and second, it has to be ugly. So i did it again, although mine is more ugly... But it's not finished yet so i still can try!