Born Free

One of the nicest bikes i've seen last time, what will Brittany bring?


Mothers, keep your daugthers at home. Come by yourself!  Deathtraps on the move.. Haha


Somewhere in France

On the road

Last weekend had a beautiful ride and a great time near Epernay. Checked out some world-war one monuments, impressive.


There are some differences between Holland and France. I discovered a good one last weekend on the road. Instead of wooden benches they made some chairs for bikers at a parking. Not the bikers they were intended for, but ok... Nice view, near Meursault. Also a difference...



Some French friends are going to make a roadtrip trough Marocco... Check out this blog.
Cannonball to Casablanca


Yo Brittany friends!  What about yachtkingz.. }-) See you all in june, fuckin' awesome party! Pic stolen from the Rogues blog.

Mardi maxime...

A carpenter welding,....

...the never ending story.... Getting the chop ready for some roadtrips.

Good times


Today the postman brought me some stuff i ordered at Michels webshop, American Bikeshop. Go there, well packed, good prices and fast. Also in France, duh. So getting the chop ready to visit some friends here and there...

Mardi maxime...


You can better break your fuckin' collarbone... See you in Brittany.