Thanks Beer

Always nice to see the postman, workshop stuff.

Mardi Maxime


Showed these Dutchrapers a belle-vue.

Chopperkingz 2014



Dragoo and the Deathtraps take some rest for doing some little things. Dragoo is leaving tomorrow for the Love-cycle party in Annecy. Friday we'll meet again at Punta-Bagna.

Check out this one

Met this guy in Brittany and now he is in our place with the three Californian guys, also going to Punta-Bagna.


Homeward bound

After a good breakfast we took off. First changed Clint's wheel at Jimmy's place and after that we went to the Morvan.

Mardi maxime

Last things

Before leaving tomorrow.

Baby Clint

Is alive.

Rogues and Mick leaving


Baby Clint wanted to try his breaks. The did not work... Little damage but he is ok.


Beer, Marie and baby Clint.