Enjoy, nothing is obvious.

Getting there

This weekend i'm going to bring my stuff to Jimmy for fresh paint. Last things to do, some welding on the frame.


Very nice sober bike, beautiful.


Enjoy, nothing is obvious.


Found this advertising in a city close by. Is it an announcement (read warning) these Freaks are coming over...?

For sale

This cool 70ties chop is for sale. So if you want to ride like a chopperking, this is your chance.



Almost ready to bring the parts to Jimmy for painting.

How easy...



The latest king of cool. Playing fuckin' ROCK and crowdwatching like your doing a walk in the park... Gary Clark Jr. rules!  Oh, sound loud mr. Stevie B.


Good times

In Luxemburg. What the fuck did Jet say to Guscht!?  "Are you insane in the brain mr. M?" :-)) How was your DJ last weekend mrs. M? Congrats with your 40th birthday!

Slik's Malibu Classic

Slik send a late Christmaspresent, an older Cycle Source where he is in. Look at his most beautiful panhead! Thanks man!!

Random paintjobs

Wow, very nice chopper. On my wanted list, need the postcodestraatprijs....

Hamburg, Germany

Last summer i met this guy who was building this chopper. In that set-up it looks awsome. Maybe i have to contact him for some pics. I wonder how it look's today.. Under the cover a S&S knuckle....brrrr...love this chop.


This is probably the best one i have seen, i you wear it you are unrecognizable. That's what they call LUCK...

Kick it!

I think he loves it...