Fried appetizers

A bikersjob is never done... When you're not working on your bike you're drinkin', talking nonsense, shouting "Kut" and frying. The best is the frypan in the garage and eating out of the basket with no sauce. Sauce is for pussies. On the pic Arie with the basket on the left, Rik tasting chickenpieces on the right and me in the middle. Good times, have a nice newyear!!! Cheers.

Back home

Almost five years ago on my way back home from Holland. If i see the pic, for me the bike looks al little dated. But there will be a day i wish i had it back..., but not to soon i hope. ;-)


A couple of nice bikes four years ago.


One of the new stars in the world of paintjobs is Royal Jack. He is doing the paintjob for Beer's wife new chopper "warhippy". To be continued...


This is what i love about holidays. Everyday riding on your chop, starts with organizing a breakfast, get a baguette and some eggs. And then watching your eggs getting ready... Next summer in this theatre.


I'm into Japanese tattoo's but this is something else, this is inspired by Japanese tattoo's. I think this is the most beautiful paintjob i've seen in a long time. I don't know how they did it or if it's paint, but i don't care.


Angelique rides a Sportster chop, so Cerise gave her a little present...

Bikeshow Holland

Again two bikes. A cooool German bobber with a very nice exhaust and a ironhead chopper. Love that thing.


The Zombie chopperrun. You know it exists but you don't know when, where or why. And why...? Because it's the real deal they say, and when you see the pictures you have to believe them. But the problem is when en where! ;-)

Check it out, zombiechopperrun

Short Cut Choppers

Tjeerd from S.C.C. is doing very nice things with all kind of bikes. I saw him a couple of times already with some cool stuff and this time he had a very nice ride again. Check out his site to see what he is doing with a lot of bikes. And they are for sale!!

Sun of a fuckin' gun

If you like it or not but this is a incredible piece of art. It's loaded with details and the paintjob is also very cool. There was a sign on the floor with all the information about the bike but i forgot to take a pic of it... But never the less an artwork.

Honda four-in-line

This engine is the founder of the concept "superbike". This time in a gooze-neck rigid frame. Must be ridin' like hell.


Last weekend i visited my birthplace Rotterdam. My friend Dennes took me to the SS Rotterdam, an old passengership which is in use as a luxurieus hotel now. Lots of Europeans took this ship to build up a new live in America and Canada. From the deck of the ship you have a great view at downtown Rotterdam. Next year when i visit the Rogues choppershow, i'm gonna show it to my French friends Cerise and Jaques, then on the choppers...


Speedrod 477

The first one of a serie nice build bikes.

Bikeshow Holland

Last weekend i was with my old friends Dennes, Frans, Marcel and Johnny at the Bigtwin Bikeshow. We had a very good time with beer, a lot of good choppers, good (old) stories and a nice ass (that bloke on the floor had a good view). Cause of the younger viewers i covered the eyes because it can give some troubles with their non-damaged souls... Hope to see you soon guys. Upcoming days a lot of chopper pics.