RMC Choppershow

Rogues travelers.

RMC Choppershow

Some killerbikes from Garage Maniacs. No club, no rules. Just a couple of guys who build cool chops.


This is how Theo works. You see what he is doing but you don't have the slidest idea...


Had to steal this one from Onno. This is a man looking happy with his new hippy. On the pic Beer with his newest build chop "warhippy".


Cherries normaly are used to sunshine. But when cherries partying in Rotterdam on their bikes you can expect some rain.... ;-) Zis is Holland man!


In the Rogues clubhouse. Pics are a little poor but at least i made them. Always curious for the result after to much beer and tequila.


Last weekend again a great time at the Rogues choppershow. Want to thank all the guys for their great generosity and hospitality. On the pic Mike the Bike. (The story goes that he is the first highneckrider amongst them Rogues but he also tells me he has the memory of a goldfish "the best thing ever happens to me, hey a treasury") Great guys, support them. http://www.rogues-mc.com/ More pics are coming up.


Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This guy crashed his bike and now Hubert is making him a new fork. "or he also could repair his wheel....." he asked. Well......

One week...

to go for the Rogues Choppershow. Arjan, Erik, Arie, Theo and Daan all doing their things. Fridaymorning leaving France with Michel and Jack. Fridaynight ridin', drinkin' and eating in Rotterdam centre. I'm lookin' forward friends, good luck next week. See you all next friday.