Triumph 3TA

Andre was in the Dutch army in 1976. He learned riding on this Triumph and became a motorcycle courier. After a year he was promoted for his skills and above all "for keep his bike riding in all circumstances and with al kinds of stuff". He repaired his bike with wood and rope. He even took of the paint of his rims. (For the chrome). Not a good idea for an armybike they said..., but still the real chopperspirit.


Last weekend a unicyclerace with some newly made stuff. As original dragsters a christmastree for take off. With timekeeping, 3.6 seconds. Looks impressive.


How a disaster inspired custombuilder Alain Batistella to build a chop to protest against nuclear energy. Food for thought.

Alain, Michel and Jaques

The Bleu Phantom

Best of show last weekend in Chalon-sur-Saone, France.

Chop that shit

Michel and me checking out some new model Harleys and discuss what we can do with it to make it a cool ride. In our dreams. Lots of work, thats for sure....


Michel built this ironhead sporty, beside his other chop and his Buell. He is a walking encyclopedia about choppers and all the stuff beside it. Love talking and drinking with the man, his most used word (in English) is "Vintage", with a fat French accent! The man is living, breathing and eating choppers. Choppers for life!

For sale - A vendre

My friend Erik sells his beautiful shovel, this bike is in a very good condition with a lot one off parts.
This is your chance to have a cool ride this summer!!
Price € 11000,-

You can contact him by e-mail :

Live fast, die young.

11-12 1959 * Lester Butler R.I.P. * 5-10-1998


Jean-Luc has a very nice bar at the lakeside. Rendez-Vous des Pecheurs. In the wintertime he is a ski-instructeur in the Alps, but now he's open again for the season, thank God... We went there for a beer and had a very nice ride, warm and sunny.


We saw this very sweet bike on our way home from the Rogues Choppershow. The owner was also on his way to the show but was running out of time and also on his way home. It's an incredible beautiful longbike with lots of details. Love this also... merde!

Kelt Old School Show

A good day.

Today we had a very nice and sunny day. We went to Chalon and met our friend Michel (a.k.a. Cerise). Theo and Arie met him for the first time and that was not to bad they say... Cerise treated us on a kebab and we gave him a Rogues support T. After that we went to Alain Battistella's shop for a visit (and for a fuckin repair on my wife's bike) The sissybar broke so we had to weld it again, no problem for Alain. Theo and Arie bought themselves a nice t-shirt and after a beer we left Alain. As i said, good times. So sorry Daan... not. ;-)

Ace cafe

Rumst, Belgium. Last weekend. Thanks to Napoleon.

CB 750

Napoleon, my Belgian friend in Holland bought himself an old Honda and changed it in this very nice caferacer. "He rides like hell" he said, but we're used to choppers... I love this bike.

Nothing to do,

just drinking with good stories

Monet & Goyon

Very nice ride in Paris last weekend.

Fuckin rain

Had the brilliant idea to pick up my friends Arie and Theo on their trip to my place. And then it started to rain offcourse. So now i'm waiting.