Had to cut, hammer and saw the fucker.

Teddycruisers Besançon

Yesterday we rode to Besançon in the Jura, France. Carclub The Teddycruisers organized a very nice party with lots of food, drinks, cars, bikes and rock 'n roll. Here is a small impression of what we saw. Good trip, about 400km and no big problems at all... Good start for the Punta Bagna trip in a couple of weeks. And after that a roadtrip trough France with maybe a small trip to Luxemburg. Check out Erik's new chop...

Check also out this link for some nice pics.     http://rigidchop.blogspot.com/


...on the road, but no problem. Sun and warm.

Keep on truckin

Big Joe and Phantom 309...

Heaven can wait...

...because it's 34 degrees tomorrow and we're ridin' to Besançon in a pack.

Guzzi 7

Today i spotted this beautiful Moto Guzzi caferacer. It was standing in front of a Guzzi shop so i think it's stock, but i'm not sure. But what a beauty...


The postman brought these nice reartire for my chop, ordered in "ze heimat". So Cerise, we have some work to do.  ;-)

Freddy Fender...

Theo made himself this very short fender. He had so much rain riding through Europe all the years, it's impossible to have rain again the upcoming years... He has his part already he said... So thats why.


If you have a mindset like this on your site you have to support these guys. So do it!

"The DeathTraps are trying to revive a lost lifestyle that has been buried under lame fat tire bikes and between the pages of ridiculous “builder” magazines.  Thirteen guys who are only doing what has been done forever, but until recently has been replaced by theme bikes and fucking circus shows."


La Roche en Brenil

Yesterday, some old and and some newer stuff. A small meeting in the neighbourhood.


The new Dice is in... Keep up the good work Matt & Dean.


Cerise showed up on his Buell instead of his chop this time. By surprise to celebrate my birthday. My wife Liek and Mark were there also, so we had a very nice evening with bbq, to much wine and whiskey. So that's why Cerise decided to stay over the night in the caravan. Left this morning on his bike. Encore une belle soirée!

Punt a'bagna

Nice start of our holidays i think...


De French prime-minister (1.32m short on his high-heels, let's say "dwarf-ish") wants all bikers to wear a yellow relfecting vest for the safety. Not only the French but also foreign bikers in France. Yeah right... Yo mister Bruni, a wooden helmet..? Idea??