Look at this, need i say more...?


Theo has made this very beautiful bar for me. This bar rulezz!

An ugly duck

Saw this chopper last summer in France. The engine is from a "deux chevaux", or in good Dutch "an ugly duck..." Nice springer.

On the road

Somewhere in France with Simon, Herrie and my wife Liek.


We had a great party in our clubhouse. I thought it was a good idea to make a burnout in front of the stage. So i did...

Good times

A couple of years ago i built with my bro Rik a chopper for my wife. Had a fuckin' good time. We're still cruisin' Europe with it.


Theo has made a new exhaust for his chopper. A little Sands and more Theo.

First striping



Arjan - the neighbor - has ordered a couple of NASA windows in the U.S. of A. Rik is testing Arjans helmet . Let it rain lord, oh yeah.

Chop shop

Slim fork and tank, frontwheel from Liek, and a steer of a flea - in "la douce France" - for two (2!) Euro. Frontwheel will be back in Lieks chop though...


Theo is welding a "turn around" Z-bar for Erik. Solid risers underneath and hoppa.


Erik has cut the bottom of his tank and create a new bottom with tunnel, complete stainless steel. Nice on top of the frame.

Single tube

Simon has a number of years ago a beautiful bike built around a stock frame. The stock swing arm is now in the garbage and he hung a private construction single-tube around the revised shovel.


Erik has deposited on E-bay and has scored a sportser tank and a cool backfender. The "church off choppers" Erik has also in its spell. Frisco rules!

If i were a carpenter, you were my lady...

Simon has - before even using a splinter of iron - made a model of a few pieces of plywood. Meanwhile he has a beautiful single-tube.

Less is more

Together almost 30 kilo's... Years with great ease (read tools) and pleasure (read rain and snow) drove them. Time for something different, shame of the pinstriping