Harley Brothers

Good times at the Harley Brothers clubhouse. At the pic friends Jeff and Gus having good times visiting them. (the two beards)

Sans tatou avec afro.

Someone know who these guy is? Nowadays he has more ink and less hair...


Last weekend Chopperkingz meeting in Brest at Yvon's place. Some small repairs at Jimmy's (already legendary) chopper. Breaking is fear Jimmy! ;-)

Indian summer

Warm and only sun, today a ride to Dijon to get some hot wings at KFC. Tomorrow afterburn. Shit...

Still fucked.

But nice weather. For the same money it rains... I love English...


or no gas.... Running out of it. Fuck.


Last weekend a short trip to Rotterdam, go there. The new markethall.

Château de Visigneux

And a bridge near Autun. Some last season rides in the neighbourhood. In a couple of weeks the bike is going to be in pieces to weld some things, paint it and maybe some chrome. As always, deadline... eastern, Opmeer.

La Gacilly

Some friends ride their bikes to La Gacilly, an old French city well known because of the annual biggest outdoor photo festival in France. And some things about Yves Rocher, but who cares... To bring some more art they parked their pan's in front of the pictures, Mika with his most beautiful '59 pan and Marco and Marie a great "duo-glide" couple.



Exceptions must be made...


These three people got the Nobelprize for their discoverys of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain. Or simple, how you know how to ride from a to b on a chopper. Two of them are from Trondheim! I told you so, Trrrondheim rrrulezzz.


I know it has nothing to do with choppers, but i have to share this. Maybe it's because they chopped those barrels... London, august 24 2014. Metronomes Steel Orchestra. I realy love it. Ge-wel-dig!

Friends Forever

I know these guys, i was on that that table with these guys and i know the food. And the booze... (Yo mister G, where is the akevitt?) Great times, to fucking long ago. Hope to see u soon somewhere.