Yes Rikkie, again a fucking tree in my carburator.

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Mr. Blue sky

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Today a nice ride without any troubles. Well, it was a little cold this morning when we left. Now 28 degr. and lots of sun. Life sucks...

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RIP Geoffrey Hughes


Getting there, packing all our stuff... Tomorrow leaving for "le grand boucle". Three weeks of riding, eating, drinking, sleeping, fucking, and fun... ;-) (Not necessarily in this order)


What is a biker without a decent hammer...?

One more...

...from the K.I.N.G.... Two more.... Unforgettable fire. Valloire '12.

Zombie Al

Never try to race an old biker - he may have one more gear than you...
Valloire '12


"Uw razende reporter". Dutch expression, try Google translate. Pic by Lindy.