And for the non-Dutch viewers of the blog here a fantastic build old skool chop. This month you can see the bike in a Dutch custom magazine. Build by L&L choppers in Opmeer, Holland. The insane painting by Royal Jack. Who did also the striping on my helmet... as if you have a Van Gogh pendrawing from his first days. ;-) Great chop!!


Got the newest powerglide, to much to handle for a men's brain. Coole shit, but only in French...

Kemosabe and the Lodge

This man is an incredible photographer and storyteller. Can you believe these pics?? My favorite blog, by far.
Check this out. Link

The Alps

Last summer in the Alps on our way trough France. First pic in eastern direction, other in western...yihaa...

Once a year somewhere in Opmeer...

End of the year always brings a lot of rain, beginning also by the way. And somewhere in the beginning there is a reason to go to Opmeer. Most of the time bad weather, sometimes snow. First time of the year in the tent again, and a good party again. Good start of the season. But first winter...


Find a way to make a movie with a cam, on my chop. Now i have to find out how to put the movie on the blog.... First some stills taken from the movie last weekend.

Croix de liberation

Made a nice trip today. This is at the liberationcross, in front the city of Autun, in the hills at the horizon the place where i live.

Crazy baldhead

Michel told me yesterday to buy Wild Mag. We were in and he was lookin' good he said. So this is it. A Dutchie with to much whisky, a crazy baldhead and a longhaired zombie... Freewheels last summer, good times.

Indian summer

Had no time to ride last month (i know it's a shame) but today we had a nice lunch in Chalon with our friend Michel, who had to work. But the French always have a two hour break so we had a good time. On our way back i took this pic near the city of Beaune.