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Have a masked one T.


Marco's knuckle is finally at home. He made a first ride to the PMU bar last weekend in Larmor-Baden for some beers and Ricard. To celebrate. The ride home was a pain in the ass he wrote, to much alcohol... No fuckin' snow overthere man??


Have a wet one T.


Some of my friends are into the full-face helmets on their chops. Most of the time (read always) i don't like it and i think it's for pussy's. :-) But sometimes you have to change your opinion... Check this out!! Les Ateliers Ruby in Paris creates this one "Le Castel"



Have a wow one T.

Maybe you don't know...

When you see this movie, you know (and i know and thee know) you're a fuckin' lucky bastard doing this! I do, and i know that i'm one of these fucking lucky bastards....
Check out this video "chop dreams". Choppers For Life. 

Link: Chop Dreams

Thanks Marco.


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Toys R Us...

Today in France at the foot of Mont Blanc. More pics coming up in the weekend.

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Way cool

I think i put this one already on my blog, but this is a beauty!!


..or chop. What's the fuckin' difference?!