Have a good one T.

Must do's

Beer and Kim arrived yesterdaynight after a 800km trip. I picked them up and drove home with them. Besides drinking, eating and laughing there are some must do's in this place. First drinking coffee at the terras. Second, checking your taillight before leaving...;-). Third,  discuss about "is it slow and ugly or fast and beautiful" and last, signing the guestbook. Great times with u both, see u soon!

Rogues in da house

Good food, good stories, good times.


For Beer, on the road for a testride. 

A BIG thanks

Last weekend i was in Holland to work on the chopper. Fridaymorning i started with Theo to paint al the metal parts, and start building up. Theo also created a bar, Erik arrived later that day so we made progression. Saturday we finished a big part of the build, in the afternoon i went to Michel to start with all new electricity. Sunday we finished the electricity ,fixed the clutch and primary and put a new starter-engine on it. Monday i was again at Michels place to finish the job and take the bike back to Theo. They're going to create an exhaust and some small parts. The end is near... A big thanks to friends Erik, Theo and Michel.

Check out these links:
American Bikeshop
TD Chopperparts


Fucking trafficjam in fuckin' Lille...

It's not a Harley baby, it's a chopper!

Men at work

Last weekend a lot of progres on my chop. Good friends Theo, Erik and Michel helped me with the works. The chop is painted, rebuild and we created the electrical circuit. Last things, licenseplateholder, exhaust and some little things. 


Have a good one T.

Dusty races in Britany, France

The country for the best partys they say... ;-)  Thanks maitre H. for the pics.


Today Theo's day, Rik had to work on the roof. Brake.


This time Theo testsitting, spot the R.