Old skool never dies

This is Arno's bike and he rides her... Like it was meant to be.


Arjan is doing Erik's paintjob. The gastank is halfway. Deadline sunday april 4. Choppershow Rogues MC. Be there or be square!


Ordered a set of raw steel pipes to make a new exhaust. Wizard Theo is gonna weld them to a beautiful set of brat style exhausts. F*ck mufflers....

Work in progress

Friends Erik en Theo are doing 'some' welding on my bike today. Looks outrageous! Can't wait to ride to Faro this summer. But first i have to pick up a frontwheel in Lommel, Belgium. 21 inches, cool shit.


And yet another chopper (almost) ready for de choppershow. Try to make some time the next week for a sick paintjob.

Need i say more... (2)

Brat Style

Killerbike, wish i had one...or two.

Holy macaroni

It's gonna be a bratful summer...

Need i say more... (1)

Gary Glitter

Arjan is (probably after smoking some shit..?) completely fReAkEd OuT on his helmet. Boogie wonderland. Very nice!

Erik's pride.

There is a typical Dutch expression for sitting on your newly rebuild bike like this.
"As proud as a dog with seven dick's..."


Theo has made himself a beautiful exhaust. Two in one with a homemade alu endcap.

Last things

Arie is changing some last things before the Rogues Choppershow.

Crazy shit

Rik send me this pic. Stole it somewhere i think. But this is the shit!! Thanks Rikkie. 


Once a year we (Harley-Davidson Club Hoekse Waard) escort a bunch of oldtimers through the Hoekse Waard. Sometimes the sun is shining. But most of the time.....yep. This is Holland. Theo in action.
Hey Theo, how's your new exhaust?


And lost but not least, the paintjob. In your 'do it yourself' cabine. And for ideas, you start calling.....

Evil K.

Business as usual....


A guy in France bought a chateau and puts his collection old bikes and Abarth's in... Somewhere in the collection an Norton with ghostflames.

Swingarm chop

Thanks Arjan. Cool.

Inspiration, education...

Stole this picture from the Roguesblog. Thanks. 

"Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing."

William Arthur Ward


Kick some ass in the dessert.