Enjoy, nothing is obvious.


'Making a point' tattoo. Visit their site and buy those support-shirts!


Marble and flames


How beautiful can you go...., stolen from ZoN.


Enjoy, nothing is obvious.


Great pic, stolen from vise grip.

Kings and queens

I think this is a beautiful one Mike, only in stars and stripes and white snakeleather of course...

Mike the Bike

Mike the bike, aka the king of bad taste told me this is the chopper that makes all other choppers ever made needless... And it is still not finished yet... Punta Bagna "best of show" is already decided my dear followers... The finishing will be in Stars-and-Stripes and white snakeleather YEEHAW! (this picture is taken three days before de fire destroyed the clubhouse. Mike's chop -as you can see on the pic- and the other three choppers, also lot's of given stuff and presents could be saved from the fire, luckely.)


Some brainless motherfuckers decided to burn down the Rogues MC clubhouse last night. With no respect for 35 years of chopper- and clubhistory. Or any love and respect, you know?


Enjoy, nothing is obvious.


Last saturday my friend Bas died. Hit by a car, most probably hunting. Luckely we found him monday to give him a nice place under the sun. He will be terribly missed...

Another proud owner

and a great chopper!

Tuff Gong

6-2-'45      11-5-'81


Enjoy, nothing is obvious.


Last weekend at Jimmy's place having a small party with Chopperkingz. Next day discuss colours and design. Now it's in Jimmy hands, hopefully he is not doing the dick...