This man spoke the legendary words: "you arrive at the party as a tough cowboy and you leave as Swiebertje..."

And don't tell your mama...

Rio Tejo

This summer at the Rio Tejo in Lisbon Portugal.



Party in Courlaoux France.


Erik changes his 1.5 inch belt for this jeans-eater. The other belt could not handle the power of the shovel and Erik's right-hand... Nice.

YIHAA 地獄の軍団ミーティングに向かう

Saw these movie with fucking unbelievable choppers on the Rogues-blog. I love it! Who is first?


Theo send me a couple of pics he made in Belgium last weekend. Coole shit.

Very cool shovel!

This bike is in every bikermagazine in France this month. One of the most beautiful shovels i have seen. Spotted it a couple of months ago.

One round...

...to go. One? Ok, thanks.
Had to steel this one...


The police is your best friend, yeah right. Pim took this pic last sunday, on the backside of a car. Thanks mate.


Very cool chopper, good paintjob! Somewhere in France this summer.

Where partyanimals go

Lovely Janine met our clubfriend Boeda somewhere on a festival. Both partyanimals!
See you both the 30th of october. Party!


This picture is from a couple of years ago. But today the annual oldtimerride is in the Hoekse Waard, and my friends escort them. This is the day for unlimited racing on your chop...

Street chopper

Stole this one from Blue Moon Kustoms and One Two FU... Let's call this bikes "inspiration". To complete your collection bikes in a row Beer.


A while ago, thanks Theo.