Have a merry christmas. Enjoy, nothing is obvious.

An official announcement from us,

the Chopperkingz to you, our dearly beloved followers. ;-) Have a good one and don't forget, enjoy, nothing is obvious...

On the road

Two years ago Chopperkingz and a Rogue gathered somewhere in France, on their way to what become an epic road trip through France. The usual, riding, partying, swimming. This short movie is made by Jimmy, found it again.


Enjoy, nothing is obvious.


Enjoy, nothing is obvious


Fuck, stole this great pic from the Deathtraps blog. I am on it but who cares... Great times in France with those three. Mika is also on it. Miss you, fuckers!

Coole shit

Bitch on the beach.


Enjoy, nothing is obvious.


Another great pic stolen from the Deathweelers.


Jimmy and me in Bretagne last week. Where is that smell coming from?! On the left with the red braces Big Ben and on the right Jeremy. They know where it's coming from i think...