JOHAN '66 - '14 R.I.P. Forever Old Friends

"Before leaving, get to the bar,
no one 'round here makes you pay.
Never very good at goodbyes.
So (gentle shoulder charge), love you, mate.
Love you, mate.

Skyline Blue,
always you.
Could fly 'round any corner,
till you do.

Love you, mate."

Today 31-12-14 my old-time friend Johan died. He took it like a man, i'm proud that he is my friend. Love & respect. 



My friend Wolf from the Deathtraps chopped his beard and long hear. This is the only man who can travel through Europe with or without hair and is still good looking! Ha!

Nice ass nr. 5


Thanks for the call J, and congrats!!


This might be an idea on the road to Punta Bagna, do some swimming.


Thanks Yvon.


The best thing to do for a new paintjob is searching for inspiration... yeah right... There is always an elephant with a bigger dig... Did i already told you i love this paintjob?

More Nantes

At the MoveAround party


Last weekend, chopperkingz Jerem.

Line up

Beautiful! Check that gastank from the second chop.


Drawed some ideas on the gastank.

Chopper Freaks MC Fredrikstad

Love these fuckers!

Fuck monday...,

...that's what my French friend Yvon thinks about the beginning of the week. Thanks for the pic! If you have the same feelings about mondays, send me the pics. I will post them.


How about seventies choppers Beer? Japan also...

Lefty Bond

Very nice early shovel, Japan.


Great pics, stolen from The Haints.


Thanks guys, see u soon.


Trip out and further...

Mika on his trip through the United States, visiting Jeremiah from Love Cycles. Great pics man! Check out his blog:

Work to do...

Taking the chop apart for painting and chrome.



Riding Rik's chop on his wedding with some other chopperscum. Pic stolen from CvC-blog.