Royal Jack

His Royal Highness Jack in action pinstriping my helmet. Purple and ivory. Later on drying in the sun on Ger's highneck.

Rogues MC

Went this weekend to the Rogues Choppershow. Had a great party in their clubhouse with a lot of food, booze and most of all great hospitality. Good stories, nag about an t-shirt (thanks Ab ;-)) and more good stories. If you ever have been there you sure know what i mean. Otherwise, go there! Took a lot of showpics but first an impression of their respect. Will post other pics later.

Translation. "Rogues member Jesus build at his house years on this panhead chopper. He made an awfull lot of parts by himself. To much to call. This chopper is a tribute to deceased clubmembers; Blut, Schweik en Manny. He calls his chopper the 'In Memoriam Bike'."


Sometimes when you have new stuff on your chop you want to change bikes. "That's what friends are for..."  Isn't that a fucking song....?!?  Erik has, so i rode his bike and he rode mine. Love that shovel, you can see it at the Rogues MC choppershow in Holland this weekend. Be there, you'll love it!


Simon's dad started restoring cars before he started doing the real thing... This 1924 Harley is completely restored. Not with all new parts but restored, repaired and not painted. Even the paint is original. Beautiful!


My wife with bOnk in Holland last weekend.

Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis

In France is a very nice movie called "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis". It's a movie about prejudices against the French, in particular the Nord-French. In the movie they are poor, alcoholics and they speak strange. Last time i had a unexpected party and they were there. Fuck me, they exist. And they wear their colors with pride! GOOD! I don't know if they're poor, but the other prejudices are true...

Good times

Today i went to a seasonsopening from a local Harley dealer. Normaly its not what i do (the hog-thing) but Cerise and his brother Jaques were there, and it was a nice ride. Yo Beer, met a guy Thibault who bought a dragracer from Schweik long time ago. He had good stories about a Jack Daniels bottle collection and more. As i said, good times!

Worldwide: Talking about your newly build chop...

First ride

Today my wife had her first ride on her rebuild chop, new frontend, seat, bar, sissybar and fender. We drove to our friend Cerise and had some beers. 23 degrees, only sun and no problems with the chop. What can you wish more? Paint perhaps....

Deathtraps MC

One of the coolest pic the last time, stole this one from the Deathtraps blog. Check out there blog.


Friend Arie is chopping his wife's sportie with help from his brother Theo. NICE. Love women on choppers!


I think riding a lib is probably the same as riding a bull. You must have te ability to hold yourself...


Came home saturdaynight after a few beers, parked my chop and saw this. What's a man without a garage?

Walhalla's riders HDC

Yesterdaynight i met a couple of guys from the Walhalla's Paris. We had a great time with (no) food ;-), booze and good stories. It's a small world by the way. Beuz and Patrice, thanks for the good times, hope you've had a good trip. See you in Tours, check out ZZ Top.