Because of the "problems" in the bikerworld a couple of mayors cancelled some organized Harley-meetings in Holland. So that's why they're ( non-organizing a meeting in Amsterdam. With nothing at all, only good fun and lot's of bikes. Go there if you're in Holland.


Yesterday the Burgundy American Car Club organized their annual meeting. Not only American cars but also some German old skool. Nice, sunny and relaxed. And above all, a very nice ride on the chops through the Burgundy vineyards. Love those 'sun'days in France.


One minute ago and fifteen beers later....

Ecke's paint

Yo Cerise, what do you think of this artyfarty paintjob?? This guy is doing the most beautiful things with and on his bike. This year at the RMC choppershow in Opmeer. Probably a new and other design paintjob next year, mind the other fueltanks in the front!


Last winter i changed the rear, now the front. The gasket came out. My wife is happy, she can wear her killerjeans without oilstains again.

More liberators

Two more liberators as seen at Punta Bagna. Love the green chopper, what a beautiful bike. On the back a nice knuckle... Must be heaven there.


Cause of a problem with a dam they lowered the water this summer 8 meters. So it's easy to ride to the water. Nice.


The postman came by...


There where a couple of very nice liberators at the Punta Bagna bike show. The upcoming time i will post some of them.

Hippy skippy

Coole hippybike


Last saturday at Alains chop i saw this sick chopper. Long springer front, z-bar, rigid with highneck, kings and queens, and a looong sissybar. Brown, black and gold. What a ride!!


Pim and Paula leaving for Spain this morning. Good times yesterdaynight. Paula has a new camera so you try some things...


Pim and Paula arrived yesterday afternoon with some beltproblems... Never use a 1,5 inch belt for speeding... Calling around, Alain has one!! Tomorrow to Spain.
Update: He had two belts... Pim bought them both... Kind of confidance...

Fratt or Brisco

According the owner of this chop is the style a mix of American Frisco and Japanees Bratt. Zombie Al's chop at da Punta Bagna.


If you forget your camera and your i-phone battery is empty you wish that your new best friends ;-) take a lot of pics. So they did. Check out these blogs and find out the good times on Freewheels. Thanks Al, Rico and Cerise! Al zombie Freaky Rico Cerise


Bigger, biggest! 30 inches... Fuck me. And it looks cool to!

Freewheels 2011

Just started. Beer, sun and good stories. Good times.


I think this is one of the nicest caferacers i have seen the last time. Very nice details. Beautiful ass...
Good for wishing you "a nice ass weekend". Freewheels party in France.