Old friends

This mini-chopper is in my workshop. Fataal HDC is not excisting anymore, but the spirit is there. They went for an MC life, some of them for Demons MC and one of them for Rogues MC. They still build there own!


I didn't knew but Lucifer is doing some quality time in Paris. Locked ofcourse, even the devil don't trust the French... }-)


rules!! As i told you Theo, Amsterdam is not Paris!


And again a very nice chop.

Dusty, Frank and Billy

Upcoming saturdaynight playing in Paris and we'll be there. Can you imagine they play La Grange? You know what i mean... 

Very nice


What can you say, respect i think.

In the clubhouse

Johan and Simon a couple of years ago.

Arie, Paula and Monica.


Today we saw this rigid in Chalon and after a while we met her owner Michel in a shop. Had a nice talk. Thanks man. Check out his cool blog. Rigidchop


Made by a genius i tank...


Simple, but very nice.