New bar

Theo made himself a new bar, mind the coole risers.

Work in progress VII

Preparing for fender and sissybar.

Burn it

A couple of weeks ago in Holland. Don't need your tires in the wintertime anyway.


Mind the pushrods... A rigid chop in France.

Fireplace in the clubhouse

Our clubjoiner Herrie did it again, he made this assholeproof benches. Some members finished also this very clubbable fireplace.


Today i chopped an ape and put it temporarily on Lieks chop. A different fork and another rearwheel and the magic word for today is 'narrow'.


Herrie made us a magnificent table with our clublogo.


These youngsters in the red shirts "played the roof of" of our clubhouse with their rock 'n roll. Thanks guys.

She's back again

This 16" sixspoke invaderwheel was hanging in the clubhouse for a couple of hundred years. She was always there for a beer, a party or a good conversation. But these days are over now. She will be chromed again, dressed with a beautifull old style piece of rubber and put in a nice frisco-chop. Doing the things she was made for, riding the long roads. 


Theo did some homework again and made this cool cover for his sporty. Check out his blog td chopperparts also.

Freezin' cold

Sometimes when it's minus 12 outside, you just miss your roadtrips.

Old friends

This mini-chopper is in my workshop. Fataal HDC is not excisting anymore, but the spirit is there. They went for an MC life, some of them for Demons MC and one of them for Rogues MC. They still build there own!


I didn't knew but Lucifer is doing some quality time in Paris. Locked ofcourse, even the devil don't trust the French... }-)


rules!! As i told you Theo, Amsterdam is not Paris!


And again a very nice chop.

Dusty, Frank and Billy

Upcoming saturdaynight playing in Paris and we'll be there. Can you imagine they play La Grange? You know what i mean... 

Very nice


What can you say, respect i think.

In the clubhouse

Johan and Simon a couple of years ago.

Arie, Paula and Monica.


Today we saw this rigid in Chalon and after a while we met her owner Michel in a shop. Had a nice talk. Thanks man. Check out his cool blog. Rigidchop


Made by a genius i tank...


Simple, but very nice.


This man spoke the legendary words: "you arrive at the party as a tough cowboy and you leave as Swiebertje..."

And don't tell your mama...

Rio Tejo

This summer at the Rio Tejo in Lisbon Portugal.



Party in Courlaoux France.


Erik changes his 1.5 inch belt for this jeans-eater. The other belt could not handle the power of the shovel and Erik's right-hand... Nice.

YIHAA 地獄の軍団ミーティングに向かう

Saw these movie with fucking unbelievable choppers on the Rogues-blog. I love it! Who is first?


Theo send me a couple of pics he made in Belgium last weekend. Coole shit.

Very cool shovel!

This bike is in every bikermagazine in France this month. One of the most beautiful shovels i have seen. Spotted it a couple of months ago.