Guzzi chop

In Lisbon we met this guy in a pub. He wanted to show his Guzzi chop that he built 15 years ago. To drunk to drive he asked me to ride it. I didn't...

And back

Had a real good time the last two weeks. Went to Faro and back with my wife Liek and our two good friends Erik and Jos. We drove about 4500km (Rik and Jos even 1500 more) in sun, sun and sun. And a little rain. Had some little problems but we could solve them along the way. Wim, Napoleon, Kleis and Peter flew in from Holland (snobs ;-) and partied with us. And last but not least, manny thanks to Chico and Sonia for their great hospitality in Lisbon. Muito obrigado! Good food, more drinks and even better laughs! It was great, thanks guys, see ya all soon.

For more Faro pics, check out this site soon.


...for Faro. Laters.

Good time

My friends Jos and Rik arrived today in France for the trip to Faro. Tonight we had a good time with wine and food. And a lot of good stories...

XS 650

Started my motorcycle career ;-) long time ago on a very simular bike. Yamaha XS650 with a hardtail. Wish i had it still.

Limpe Iven

No comment...


Theo sent me pics of this great hardtail chopper. Made them in Greece, Superrally.

Shovels ass

Spotted this beautiful shovel yesterday in Mesvres France. Loaded with details.  

Lone ranger

The lone ranger arrived in France. Bikes, ricard, kebab and sun. What can you wish more?

Testing 1,2

Made a rack for the tent and all kinds of shit for the trip to Faro next weekend.
Hufterproof... Rik tested his rack at the clubhouse, you never know what you're gonna catch...


Alain's swedish style chopper in France. His comment about this type of chop. "Zé rule". Obvious.