Work in progress III

Ready for the flakes tomorrow.

Work in progress II

The painter is started. The first part is a job for dogs...

Beatnik Purple

Roth Flakes... Daan is doing the job.
And there's a new chopperbuilder in town. A youngster... Tim. Born last sunday. Congrats Arjan and Patricia.

Let there be light...

Today i did some things on my bike. I could have done more but most of the time i was drinking beer and looking...

American Day '10

We had our American Day this weekend at the clubhouse. This is for me by far the most beautiful pic. Erik's outrageous' Frisco chop and a fantastic Hudson dragracer pick-up...
For more pics check out this link.


Follow the link en check out the next movie.


An impression from the choppershow two weeks ago. Looks like heaven to me.

On the road

Last weekend we went to the Rogues MC choppershow in the northern part of Holland. As usual it was very warm with a lot of sun.....yeah right. In fact, it was wetter en colder than a welldiggers ass!
But we had a great time. More pics next time. Stay tuned.


Follow the link and check out this movie!!

Back in France

Back home after a killing weekend at the RMC Choppershow in Holland. Theo, manny thanks for the works, and your personel smell...! Erik, Arjan, Arie en Daan, thanks for the freakin' good times in Opmeer! In good English: "Voortschrijdend inzicht". Don't forget.
And last but not least, thanks to the Rogues MC for their great hospitality this weekend. Outstanding!!

Check out this blog the upcoming time for nice choppershow pics.