Found another pic on the web. These Japanese guys make some beautiful chops. I think i'm hooked.


I had to steel this pic from the Rogues-blog. This is pure porn and incredible inspiration. Long time ago i saw a bitchin' bike like this.

Yec'hed mat!

Yesterday Marco showed up after a meeting in Geneve. Started with some beers, After that we we're going to our favourite restaurant to eat chateau briand with good wine and "eau de vie". At home we started (and ended i think...) with the pastis. Good times again.


... from Brittany. With love. Mr and Mrs H.


Last weekend we had a weekend in Holland. Checked out one of the most beautiful coastlines in Zeeland and visited ofcourse the re-opening of Daan's customshop. Good times, nice stories , food and booze. And the only proper way to leave with a Nova is full throttle! (Note: The dude behind the counter is not Daan but a proffesional used model...)