Magnus Walker

If you want to learn something about passion...


A couple of weeks ago i got these pics from Manu, he was at the Haints party. Thanks man!


Yo Chopperfreaks, Rogues, Gammlers and Chopperkingz, rendezvous in the Morvan with party to leave for Punta Bagna? Need i say more...


Last weekend i had a speed-visit to Holland. Coming at the Rogues clubhouse one of the members immediately start to complain about this blog. "There is nothing happening man" So, had a grrreat night! Thanks to Beer and Els and all the others who showed there hospitality again. Some keywords to summarize te evening: Vrriend, viswater, vlaflip, allesbrander, cornetto. On the pic Arie and Beer with a vlaflip, and Mike "the king of bad taste" photobombing again. Other pic stolen from the Rogues blog.

Go green...

...fuck a vegetarian. Yvon's beautiful chopper. Rad!!