... and next day Cogolin?


Jasper showed up today with his new KTM bike and a couple of friends. Here in France you may ride your bike everywhere you want (except on the roads), but that's just what they don't want... Another very nice thing to do on two wheels! F.T.W.
Willem and Smee, you're invited by them.


Thank you Cerise...

for the beautiful present.


Merci Arjan

The real killer...

The one you mean Rikkie??!?!


Yesterday afternoon after two days of work Rik's highneck is getting there. The reason for wearing the helmet is because he had a couple of beers at that moment.It's still tricky to climb on a highneck standing on a lift without it. And maybe because of totally unexpected avalanges, even in a garage in Holland... The bike is painted candy-red, as the helmet.


Rik's beautiful Frisco-chop is sold. Congrats to the buyer, you just bought a chop with attitude and bikerhistory. Enjoy and take good care of her!

Update H.R.H.J.

Jack's comment on his blog: "Today I finished the warhippy bike exept for the clearcoat. That's going on next week and then it's send to it's owner (I hope with a big smile on his/her face). Can't really post any more pictures of it otherwise it would ruine the surprise on the rogues chopper show, so if you want to see it in full glory come to the show. A little color sneak peak for now and I see you in Opmeer!"


..having the time of his life, on our way to Faro in Portugal. Hey bro, when are we gonna make a trip like this again? Punta Bagna?


This guy is collecting old cars and doing nothing with it. It gave me the chance to make some nice pics. I don't know the brand of the cars, if you do tell me.

Update H.R.H.J.

Maybe i'm boring you but this is again an update from the works of "His Royal Highnezz Jack", working on the Warhippy. Check out his blog. Yo Cerise and Jack, one of the chops you're gonna see at the choppershow!!


The russians are coming, this time not from the east but the south. Zombie Al left his southcoast to drive to Annonay. 500km driving,a cold place to stay overnight, hanging around in a cold parking and sell nothing. Crap, you better can ride the Zombie Chopper Run! See you at the Punta Bagna.


Today we had a swapmeet in Annonay, 300km south. In a parking under a supermarket, cold, too cold but nice. Lot's of cool stuff. It's still minus 10 now but it's a start of the season...  Choppershow next.

Rogues MC Choppershow 2012

This year for the first time i'm gonna visit the show not only with my Dutch friends but also with two French friends and twinbrothers Michel and Jack. With their choppers of course. So, this year not only American twins but also two bigger French twins... be there. Best show in Holland! First an outside swapmeet in Annonay this upcoming weekend. Outside... forecast minus 14... Next week the pics, and the twinbrothers.