Great movie with Wolf and Jonathan, forget the music.. ;-)


Life enjoyer and friend Dragoo with his beautiful Pan, next week in Opmeer. Love to ride with you again man!



Favorit color green, is it Kellygreen?


Last weekend we had a trip to Bretagne were the Chopperkings had a little party to talk about the ride to Opmeer. Some of them riding from Bretagne, others first to Luxemburg. Meetingpoint in the south of Holland, from there in a pack to Opmeer. Patches ready, choppers ready. CKF


Inkluzief schrijffauten...


Ultracoole chopper from "Mekka of Choppers" at Punta Bagna '14.


Next saturday Chopperkingz party, 1100km for a couple of beers with some chopperdudes... Love it.


Freeker Studio

Friend Dragoo send me a pic of me with the Deathtraps, found another one of the man himself. Thanks man, see you somewhere on the road to Luxemburg.

Cool helmet...


As a Dutchie in France i had to steal this one from zz-chop.

Clint's invader

Today Clint's invader starts his own roadtrip to Holland. I had to bring the wheel to Jan, he is leaving tomorrow for Oudkarspel. Almost there...

Chopperkingz in Chimay

Some of the Chopperkingz went on a roadtrip to Chimay. Jimmy, Jerem, Fanch and Malya had some good times overthere. Check out Jerem's freaky chop. See you all soon friends. "Kentoc'h mervel eget bezañ saotret"

Mardi Maxime